罗茨风机Roots Blower

  引诱 风机Induction fan

  离心风机centrifugal fan

  轴流风机:AXIAL FAN

  斜流风机:Mixed-flow Fan

  贯流风机cross flow fan

  屋顶风机 roof fan

  冷风机:Cold Air blower


  发电机 Generators

  混流风机 mixed flow blower

  玻璃钢风机 glass fiber reinforced plastics blower

  屋顶风机 roof blower

  排烟风机 smoke removal blower

  湿帘风机 wet screen-air blower

  罗茨风机 roots blower

  低噪声风机 low noise blower

  防腐风机 anticorrosive blower

  冷却风机 cooling blower

  消防风机 fire fighting blower

  工程风机 engineering blower

  船用风机 marine blower

  引诱 风机 inducement blower

  回旋 风机 rotary blower

  外转子风机 outer-rotor blower

  除尘风机 dust blower

  抽风机 exhaust blower

  暖风机 warm air blower

  管道风机 pipeline blower

  空调风机 air condition blower

  引风机 induced draft blower

  消防排烟风机箱 fire fighting smoke removal blower box

  低噪声风机箱 low noise blower box

  混流式风机箱 mixed flow blower box

  离心式风机箱 centrifugal blower box

  变风量风机箱 VAV blower box

  风机箱 Blower box

  煤气鼓风机 coal gas air blower

  多级离心鼓风机 Multistage centrifugal air blower

  鼓风机 Air blower

  轴流风机 axial flow blower

  离心风机 centrifugal blower

  高压风机 high pressure blower

  锅炉风机 boiler blower

  中压风机 medium-pressure blower

  塑料风机 Plastic blower

罗茨鼓风机英语翻译:普通型罗茨鼓风机结构简图 的翻译是:Instruction diagram of normal type roots blower 中文翻译英文意思,翻译英语




  a走在流行最前线,专为年轻人再现经典。 Walks in the popular most front, specially reappears the classics for the young people. [translate]

  a我们痛过了,伤过了,就长大了 Our pain, has injuried, grew up [translate]

  aOur manager Chen (Fandy) has discussed with your company about the relevant contract matters of our cooperation.The first draft of Contract is OK now.Pleast refer to the attached file.Then please review and give your advice, so as to finalize and sign .Thank you! 我们的经理陈(Fandy)与您的公司谈论了关于我们的合作相关的合同事。合同草案初稿现在是好的。Pleast提到附上文件。然后取乐回顾并且提您的建议,以便完成和签字。谢谢! [translate]

  alntest lntest [translate]

  a在今后的发展过程中,公司全体员工将继续发扬“团结、务实、拼搏、创新、发展”的企业精神,“以人为本”的管理理念,以“用心、诚心”的敬业精神,本着“以客为尊”的服务宗旨竭诚为每一位客户服务 In the next developing process, the company all staff will continue will carry forward “the unity, practically, strives for success, the innovation, the development” the enterprise spirit, “humanist” management idea, by “attentively, sincere” the professional dedication, in line with “as will revere [translate]

  aAlthough I have been in touch with several friends,it is clear that we have become not so close to each other. 虽然我是和几个朋友保持联系,它确切我们不那么成为了紧挨彼此。 [translate]

  aWill cannot change until 意志不可能改变直到 [translate]

  a公交车调度室 Public transportation control room [translate]

  a如:支援重大质量问题的分析 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  a我期盼着有一天我们的社会也像慧因国,孩子们的眼中不再有疑虑,教育与现实是统一的。我愿为此付出努力,也希望大家与我一道,从自己做起,从现在开始做起,让这个社会多一点真诚、少一点虚伪 I was hoping for the one day our society also to look like JGRightly because of the country, in the child eye no longer has the anxiety, the education and the reality is unified.I am willing for this to pay diligently, also hoped everybody with me together, starts from oneself, starts from the presen [translate]

  aIt’s enough for this wide-eyed wanderer 它是足够为这个宽眼睛的流浪汉 [translate]

  aImprove Your Brain 改进您的脑子 [translate]

  a我爱这个照片上的每一个人 I love in this picture each person [translate]

  atomatoes are my favorite food 蕃茄是我喜爱的食物 [translate]

  a淘宝店铺 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  aelwynn elwynn [translate]

  aAπολλων 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  ahun what do u hav 匈奴什么做u hav [translate]

  a00:00:13,902 –> 00:00:17,503 00:00 :13,902 –> 00:00 :17,503 [translate]

  a就这样,寂寞相伴 走到世界尽头···· Then, lonely accompanying arrives terminus the world · · · · [translate]

  aWill you come my home this afternoon? 您是否今天下午将来我家庭? [translate]

  a看来好像天要下雨 Looked like resembles the day to have to rain [translate]

  a认识你有8年了,短暂的重逢你却又要走了, Knew you had 8 years, short had a reunion you to have to walk actually, [translate]

  aSo do you see how i am conflicted? Do you know how long i have wanted romance in my life again, and in this short period of time you have JGRought tears of joy to my eyes and heart . 如此您是否看见怎么我相冲突? 您知道我多久再想要言情在我的生活中,并且在这短的时期您给我的眼睛和心脏带来了喜悦泪花。 [translate]

  awould like to buy a horse make 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  aSMTP error, DOT: 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn’t have a ovi.com account () [0] – mta122.mail.sp2.yahoo.com. null [translate]

  aThe policy is difficult to carry out. 政策是难执行。 [translate]

  a西班牙王国 Spanish empire [translate]

  a哦,昨天他来不知道要订什么,我把USB给他了,他有没有发图片给你 Oh, yesterday he came not to know had to subscribe any, did I USB for him, he have send the picture to you [translate]

  a他们回到了农场今天下午 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  aHello,I’d like to Edinburgh ,plese ,leaving tomorrow moring. 你好,我希望到爱丁堡, plese,离开锦工moring。 [translate]

  a我不能控制我的感情 I cannot control my sentiment [translate]

  acetait le journal 报纸cetait [translate]

  a他是如此聪明的一个男孩,以至于能够听懂我说的话 He is a so intelligent boy, can understand the speech which I said [translate]

  a马子 Chamberpot [translate]

  aI Promise.You.Belong.Me I Promise.You.Belong.Me [translate]

  awith every animal that moves onto the endangered species list,or drops off it by extinction,zoos assume greater importance 与移动危险种类名单的每个动物或者由绝种,动物园投下它设想重要性 [translate]

  a101.4 101.4 [translate]

  aIf an image is specifically defined as an index in the project instructions choose the ‘Index’ form type 如果图象具体地被定义,当一个索引在项目指示选择‘索引’格式类型 [translate]

  a死废柴 ? B [translate]

  a向某人挑战做某事 Makes something to somebody challenge [translate]

  aimpossible to finish all the work 不可能完成所有工作 [translate]

  a只有真正患过重病的人才真正明白健康对一个人意味着什么 Only then contracts serious illness talented person to understand truly truly the health meant to a person any [translate]

  aa part of an act 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  aIn Japan,”what’s your type?”is much more then small talk;it can be a top question in everything from matchmaking to getting a job. 在日本, “什么是您的类型?“是更多然后聊天; 它在一切可以是顶面问题从matchmaking到得到工作。 [translate]

  aError reading phone init dat 错误读书电话init dat [translate]

  adeluded delud [translate]

  a不要纸巾用手帕吧 Does not want the paper goods to use the handkerchief [translate]

  a老鼠我喜欢你 The mouse I likes you [translate]

  a水族馆非常大 The aquarium is extremely big [translate]

  a单价(元) Unit price (Yuan) [translate]

  a我不喜欢说中文 I do not like speaking Chinese [translate]

  aIt is necessary that another computer center _____ on campus( 买房子她的declinedIn顺序必须获得一______从银行 [translate]

  athis June this June [translate]

  aill-mannered 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  aLau Siu-hung 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  a普通型罗茨鼓风机结构简图 Popular Luo tribulus air blower diagram of mechanism [translate]

罗茨鼓风机英语翻译:欢迎您购买我公司的罗茨鼓风机。 的翻译是:You are welcome to buy my company roots blower. 中文翻译英文意思,翻译英语




  a这将是多么令人遗憾的一件事啊 This will be a how regrettable matter [translate]

  a多出来一个 Comes out [translate]

  a新式无痕剖宫产术,引进国际先进的美容缝合术、术后镇痛三位一体的完美结合满足妈妈生理和心理的超值需求。新式无痕剖宫产手术时间短、拐伤少、出血少、疼痛轻、恢复快,使用可吸收美容线缝合,晚吸收,无需拆线。让你做无痕的完美母亲。 New style splits the palace without the mark to produce the technique, after the introduction international advanced cosmetology sutures the technique, the technique eases the pain the Trinity perfect union to satisfy mother physiological and the psychological ultra value demand.New style splits the [translate]

  anine times per weekday 每个周日九次 [translate]

  aold man pushing car 推挤汽车的老人 [translate]

  a对不起!刚刚我不在。 Sorry! Just I not in. [translate]

  aFinancial events detection by conceptual news categorization 财政事件侦查由概念性新闻范畴 [translate]

  a你应该不知道这个地方 You should not know this place [translate]

  a把我当成了伪满洲国的皇位 Has regarded as puppet Manchuria regime’s throne me [translate]

  a还有我还要和父母去远足,爬山 Also has me also to have to hike with the parents, mountain climbing [translate]

  a你是我最好的选择,相信最好的值得耐心等待。 You are I best choice, believed best is worth the patience waiting. [translate]

  a变得学习努力 Becomes the study diligently [translate]

  aZerging Root… this might take a minute or so.. Zerging Root… this might take a minute or so. [translate]

  ado you know there 您知道那里 [translate]

  a和你面对面说话 Face-to-face speaks with you [translate]

  a她说完后,汤姆问了让她回答了她的问题 She said after, Tom asked let her answer her question [translate]

  air functon duplex uart方式 [translate]

  aHe and the top of this noble blood relationship, and his school in Wittenberg before the court and life experiences, not only determines his feudal court and the conflict the enemy could not have happened, and he will eliminate the social evils of feudal feeling. He may even be evil and feudal integration. He and the top of this noble blood relationship, and his school in Wittenberg before the court and life experiences, not only determines his feudal court and the conflict the enemy could not have happened, and he will eliminate the social evils of feudal feeling. He may even be evil and feudal integ [translate]

  a不,它是我的。 No, it is my. [translate]

  a你的朋友长什么样 Your friend long any type [translate]

  athere is nobody you want to hold 没人您想要举行 [translate]

  a如果你有QQ我们可以更好的交流 maintenant [translate]

  a她很有责任感 She has the sense of responsibility very much [translate]

  a七月二十 In July two ten [translate]

  aThe hand,the eyes and JGRain work together to make human beings different from other animals.Now other animals have all three parts to work together . 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  a足球鞋挨着足球在床下。 The football shoes are suffering the soccer under the bed. [translate]

  ajust as long as you stand 只要您站立 [translate]

  a我们是一起的 We are together [translate]

  adon’t forget to read an English paper 不要忘记读英国纸 [translate]

  awe face the generalist tasks of integrating biological ,political,societal ,and historic perspectives in an artistic whole,creating rich experiences with programs signs ,exhibits,and trails . 我们在一艺术性整体面对集成的生物,政治,社会和历史的透视全科任务,创造富有的经验与节目标志,展览和足迹。 [translate]

  aride in my taxi 乘驾在我的出租汽车 [translate]

  aThat someday you’ll love another girl and I’ll be”just one of your ex-girls” 您某天将爱另一女孩和我将是”你的一前女孩” [translate]

  a汤的做法也各具特色 Soup procedure also unique [translate]

  aIn past,not many people shopped online,because they were worried about the reliability of the internet and security of entering their card details on the internet.However,as shopping onilne has become more popular,these worries have gone. 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  a一个月以后的今天吗 A month later today [translate]

  aThe author has discovered that people will feel happy when the 作者发现人们将感到愉快,当 [translate]

  asearch goods 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  arun short of money 缺乏金钱 [translate]

  a楼梯在那里呢? Staircase in there? [translate]

  a重点词汇 Key glossary [translate]

  athe age for Any records where age is present. 年龄为其中任一纪录年龄存在的地方。 [translate]

  a校园网安全系统的建设 Campus net safety system construction [translate]

  a12个一箱 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  aself-assessment schemes 自我估价策划 [translate]

  aForever Peace null [translate]

  aNow it’s five o’clock in the afternoon. Students are bustling around the school, each going their own way. In the cla锦工oom, students are gathering their books, ready to go home after another tiring school day. In the hallway, a few students linger around, waiting for their friends to come out. In the front of the scho 现在它是五时下午。 学生在学校,每以附近奔忙他们的自己方式。 在教室,学生会集他们的书,准备好在另一个令人疲劳的教学日以后回家。 在走廊,几名学生徘徊,等待他们的朋友出来。 在学校的前面,公共汽车来到中止,并且学生人群推挤成功。 [translate]

  aI’m takin’ back my love, my love, my love 我是takin后面我的爱,我的爱,我的爱 [translate]

  aim scolding my younger JGRother 责骂我的弟弟的im [translate]

  a哪间是詹姆斯先生的办公室? During which is James’s Mr. office? [translate]

  a社会达尔文主义者相信我们可以拿人类社会比作动物世界。 The Social Darwinism believed we may cause difficulties for others a kind of society to compare with the animal world. [translate]

  a无线电干扰 Radio disturbance [translate]

  a损坏莫人名声 Damage not personal name sound [translate]

  aFCC ;客户要求 FCC; Customer request [translate]

  a当你朋友生气时,你应该让他平静下来。 When your friend is angry, you should let him get down tranquilly. [translate]

  a我拍摄了许多火星照片 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  a欢迎您购买我公司的罗茨鼓风机。 Welcome you to purchase our company the Luo tribulus air blower. [translate]

罗茨鼓风机英语翻译:章丘罗茨鼓风机 的翻译是:Zhangqiuluoci blower 中文翻译英文意思,翻译英语




  a看明白了吗 Looked understood [translate]

  aIn the wave of national soul-searching that followed last week’s horrific incident, many bloggers and news commentators in China say the high degree of publicity given to the Peng Yu matter by the ** media only reinforced people’s wariness about being good Samaritans in similar situations. Bloggers suggest that the pea [translate]

  a打你妹妹 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  aAcquire special item to prevent spoilage 获取特别项目防止损坏 [translate]

  aLittle Dee 少许Dee [translate]

  aMy favourite teacher is 我的喜爱老师是 [translate]

  a我认为我去学校最好的交通方法是走路 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  aPublic Email 公开电子邮件 [translate]

  a你想要那种面条?(would like) You want that kind of noodles? (would like) [translate]

  athere is one ms sam database 有一个山姆女士数据库 [translate]

  aSo, where can we meet, so that I teach can teach you something in English? 如此,我们在哪里可以见面,因此我教可以教您某事用英语? [translate]

  a高老师喜欢告诉我们关于她的周末 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  awhat do you get with a full membership what have you got in your desk?: What do you obtain your desk? [translate]

  aFresh Taste 新口味 [translate]

  arecognized,remembered,reminded,received 认出,记住,提醒,接受 [translate]

  a4. Lean Logistic project, make it happen. 4. 精瘦的逻辑斯谛的项目,做它发生。 [translate]

  aQQ表情,QQ头像,好友印象以及非主流图片等相关内容,有你更精彩精彩 The QQ expression, the QQ head picture, correlation contents and so on good friend impression as well as non-mainstream picture, have your more splendid splendid [translate]

  a图2.3 2000-2009年生猪出栏增长前十位的主要生猪生产国情况 The Figure 2.3 2000-2009 year live pig leaves the pen before the growth ten main live pig producer country situation [translate]

  a中国两岸三地近十年来的课程改革是对此次全球化改革浪潮的回应 The Chinese both banks three place near for ten year curriculum reform is to this globalization reform tide response [translate]

  a最少3分钟 Least 3 minutes [translate]

  a谢谢啦,好像我真的喜欢上你了,莫名其妙的会发现自己想你。呵呵~~! Thanks, probably I really liked you, was bewildered can discover oneself thought you.Ha-ha ~~! [translate]

  a那是一只鸟 That is a bird [translate]

  a噢,原来是这样,我明白了。 Oh, is originally this, I understood. [translate]

  a但是因为是家人所以更懂得理解和宽容 But because is the family member therefore understands the understanding and tolerant [translate]

  a要是在我身边多好 If is good in my side [translate]

  aSPLIT FLANGE O RING 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  aAll are very busy these days and don’t hold a meeting documents. 所有那些日子是非常繁忙的和不拿着会议文件。 [translate]

  a他非常忙,以至于没有吃午饭 He is extremely busy, has not had the lunch [translate]

  a我们现在可以下班吗 We may get off work now [translate]

  awhen locked 当锁着 [translate]

  a批判他们 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  a我心里很矛盾 In my heart is very contradictory [translate]

  a例如体育锻炼,听音乐,学会和朋友或同学交流 For example the physical training, listens to music, the academic society and the friend or schoolmate exchanges [translate]

  aMR.将不能参观我们的摊位在10月份的广交会,对吧? MR. will not be able to visit our stall in October Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair, to? [translate]

  a他告诉我他以前在那个学校任教过 He told me him before has taught in that school [translate]

  a我是学生会生活部长李华 我想跟你说一下食堂的情况 I am the student association live Minister Li Hua I to want to say the cafeteria to you the situation [translate]

  a对不起,我不是故意伤害你的感情。 Sorry, I am not injure you intentionally the sentiment. [translate]

  a麻、辣、烫、嫩、酥、香鲜 The hemp, spicy, burns, tenderly, crisp, fragrant fresh [translate]

  a对于网络用语有非常多的观点,有好也有坏 Has extremely many viewpoints regarding the network terminology, has well also has badly [translate]

  aI usually spend about an hour doing sports 我通常度过1小时做体育 [translate]

  aHow many countries in the world have aircraft carrires? 30mm动态类型 [translate]

  aThis is the part of your body between your head and your body. 这是您的身体的部分在您的头和您的身体之间。 [translate]

  ai am a middle school student,my favorite sport is ping-pong and volleyball,and i like watching all competitions about these two games.as for ping-pong,everyone knows it is our national ball,it represents our country’s honor and pride in sports.and of course,women voleyball is also honorable,it is among the top three wo 我是一名中学学生,我喜爱的体育是乒乓球和排球,并且我喜欢注意所有竞争关于这二games.as乒乓球,大家知道它是我们的全国球,它代表我们的国家的荣誉当然,并且自豪感在sports.and, voleyball也是高尚的妇女,它是在全国排球队在world.i认为的名列前茅三名妇女之中两个体育是非常healthful.ping-pong是有用的在做您的手,特别是您的腕子更加灵活; 当然至于排球,充分地行使,最重要是您的身体的所有部分是可能的您可能享受伟大的幸福在演奏他们。 [translate]

  a单身要比陷入爱情明智得多 Alone must fall into love to be much unwiser than [translate]

  a祝福你们,也祝福我 Prays for heavenly blessing you, also prays for heavenly blessing me [translate]

  aTacita 正在翻译,请等待… [translate]

  afirstbootdevice firstbootdevice [translate]

  a你好,你长得真帅气 You are good, you are long the real good looks and graceful manners [translate]

  alqonre lqonre [translate]

  a快速做我的作业 Makes my work fast [translate]

  a在这么短的时间内 In such short time [translate]

  amake sb.doing 做sb.doing [translate]

  amy favorite sport is soccer.it is a very good sport .i like it very much.because i can play it with other friends.when i play it with my friends,i must run very fast,or i do not have chance to kick the ball into the door.the sport can keep me healthy. 我是一名中学学生,我喜爱的体育是乒乓球和排球,并且我喜欢注意所有竞争关于这二games.as乒乓球,大家知道它是我们的全国球,它代表我们的国家的荣誉当然,并且自豪感在sports.and, voleyball也是高尚的妇女,它是在全国排球队在world.i认为的名列前茅三名妇女之中两个体育是非常healthful.ping-pong是有用的在做您的手,特别是您的腕子更加灵活; 当然至于排球,充分地行使,最重要是您的身体的所有部分是可能的您可能享受伟大的幸福在演奏他们。 [translate]

  a因为担心lucy,她的父母一整夜都没睡。 Because worries lucy, her parents one all have not rested all night. [translate]

  a性 状:白色粉末或微黄色粉末,相对密度为2.537,熔点为1340℃,易溶水,不溶于乙醇和二硫化碳。 Character: The white powder or the micro decadent powder, the relative density is 2.537, the melting point for 1340℃, Yi Rongshui, does not dissolve in the ethyl alcohol and the carbon bisulfide. [translate]

  aPart I Listening Comprehension 第I部分听的领悟 [translate]

  a章丘罗茨鼓风机 Chapter of Curoe tribulus air blower [translate]

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